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Information & Terms of Business
Printing of booklets, programmes, leaflets, stationery, posters, other printed items and any other services.


1) All new clients are requested to pay in full before we can start on your work. We also reserve the right to request payment in advance in full from existing clients. All work is accepted subject to sight. All customers who have spent at least £150 on any single order in the past may apply for a credit account but should note that this takes about 10 days to open.
2) Unless stated all prices include delivery by Parcel Force. For orders over £100 (ex. VAT) we use their Next Day Delivery Service. For orders under £100 (ex. VAT) we use their Standard Service which usually takes 2-3 days. Next day delivery for orders under £100 can be arranged for a small supplement. Orders under £30 are subject to a Small Order Delivery Supplement of £3 (+ VAT if applicable.)
3) All booklets include a tinted colour cover of your choice, stapled in the centre and folded. We reserve the right to vary the exact shade of colour if normal stocks are unavailable.
4) Printing will normally be ready for despatch back to you within one week after receipt of your originals. Allow extra time for Public or Bank Holidays or for large or difficult orders or orders requiring pre press work.
5) Please deduct 7% from the price if you collect the finished items from our office by arrangement. (This does not apply to non printing charges such as artwork, screening etc. or to charges for colour change, 2nd colour run, metal plates, products which show a separate charge for delivery or different prices for collected or delivered work and certain other supplements). The discount for collection of paper back books and certain other products is 4%. Office hours are from 9.15 am to 5.00 pm on Monday to Friday.
6) VAT is extra where applicable but there is no VAT at present on the printing of most booklets provided that they are supplied stapled & folded and are intended to be read and not written in.
7) Booklets distributed to more than one destination will be charged the extra cost of postage involved.
8) Payment: Our terms of payment are cash or cheque with order. Account customers must pay strictly within 30 days of the date of invoice. However, we offer a 5% cash with order discount on orders under £950 (not applicable to paper back books, metal plates, laminating or delivery charges). To obtain this discount, you must pay us before the goods leave our office. You have a number of means of doing this.
a) If you know exactly how much your invoice will be, you can send us a cheque for the full amount less 5%.
b) If you are not sure how much your invoice will be, you can send us a cheque filled in apart from the amount in figures. You write in the space where you normally write the amount in words the following: 'Not to exceed £.......'. Choose a sum which you feel will cover your invoice. We will of course advise you how much we completed the cheque for.
c) You can give us a letter authorising us to debit your Mastercard, Visa or Switch Account. Please remember to state the expiry date of your credit card, your name as appears on the card and your exact address where the card is registered. We do not accept Amex.
9) Orders in excess of £950 are subject to at least 7.5% cwo discount and the same terms apply as in clause 8.
10) All shortages or errors must be reported to us within 7 days of you receiving your work for us to consider any refund or reprint.
11) We cannot be made responsible for any loss of business, goodwill, time, expenses or profit caused by errors or delay on our part or the part of our agents or carriers and our liability for unsatisfactory goods will never exceed the value of our invoice plus £50. We accept no liability whatsoever in respect of any claim for work which are not delivered on time (unless you have specifically requested our consequential loss insurance policy).
12) Artwork or designs will be available for you to proof read if required. If you do not ask to see a proof we cannot be held responsible for errors or spelling mistakes although we will of course try to ensure that errors do not occur. Likewise, once you have agreed the proof we cannot be held responsible for errors that come to light afterwards.
13) Refunds or withdrawn invoices through error on our part will only be made in respect of returned goods. (You cannot keep incorrect goods and receive a refund or refuse to pay for them as well).
14) We do not deliver to PO Boxes except to regular customers and only if we have confirmed details of your home/business address on file.
15) Overseas (inc. Republic of Ireland & Channel Islands): The cost of postage to destination outside the U.K. is obviously very expensive, so a supplement will be charged.
16) Customers who give us cheques which are dishonoured will be invoiced for the bank charges we incur.
17) We reserve the right to refuse to print any item which can be considered obscene, racist, libellous, slanderous or not in the general interest of the public.
18) We cannot reproduce copyright items without the express permission of the copyright holder.
19) We shall be indemnified by the customer in respect of any claims, costs and expenses arising out of any libellous matter or any infringement of copyright, patent, design or of any other proprietary or personal rights contained in any material printed for the customer. The indemnity shall extend to any amounts paid on a lawyer's advice in settlement of any claim.
20) Blanks/Doubles/Missing Pages etc. Our machinery incorporates the necessary fail safe mechanisms to prevent this sort of error. Our aim is to provide you with work which does not contain any of these errors. However, like all sensitive detecting mechanisms they don't always work accurately all of the time. Consequently, you must assume an error factor of about 2% to cover these problems. Where possible, additional copies are often provided to cover this allowance.
21) In accordance with Anti-Money Laundering laws we can not accept payments in cash over Euro 15,000.